Some testimonials from previous clients:

Acclaimed astrologer, consultant, writer and radio host, Robert Phoenix, speaking on his FAR radio show on 7th September 2010, talks about his Numerosymbology reading:

Please take a moment to book a Numerology reading with Ellis Taylor – it is truely a unique and wonderful experience.  I cried a bit, laughed a lot and experienced something I never thought possible – a true, detailed and worthy reading full of wonderful information about myself and those around me – thank you so much Ellis for ensuring that I look at me and what I was here for in this form, in this place at this time.
– Di Gill
31st May 2011
I have had so many readings from world famous psychics, but I was blown away with my reading with Ellis, it was incredibly accurate about my current and future self. He provided me with accurate information about my work and people around me. He gave me incredible information about, my future self and the kind of work I can be doing. It is fascinating how nicknames and names in general really do ‘shape’ certain life experiences. To be able to understand and give this kind of information is truly a gift and so I urge everyone to have a numerology reading with Ellis!
ELLIS that was amazing, thank u!
– Lubna Yaqub
1st February 2010
If anyone is considering having a numerological reading from Ellis, then I would urge you not to hesitate. I have been fortunate to have one and was amazed at the accurate detail that he was able to give me concerning past events and patterns of my life. If someone can read your name numerically and from that indicate an event that happened in the first 10 days of your life that no one could possibly guess at, or tell you at what points you changed direction or made certain decisions, and what those changes were, or describe your strengths and weaknesses that have influenced your journey, then it is logical to assume that the information they give you for your future road will be well worth listening to and assimilating. I heartily recommend a reading by Ellis.
– Fran Pickering
24th December 2009
I have had a number of readings with Ellis Taylor and have been continually amazed by their accuracy. These readings include what the numbers of my new house/dwelling will bring and readings regarding my immediate future. All have been just spot on! I have no hesitation in recommending these readings to those who are seeking accuracy and intuitive insight of the highest calibre.
– Mary Rodwell
Principal ACERN
Co-director New Mind Records
Author Awakening
13th December 2009
Ellis is a true guiding light, who can help you on your own personal journey.
For an accurate, truthful and insightful reading…look no further, because you have found the right place.
– Bev Stringer
3rd November 2010
A huge ‘thank-you’ for the wonderful reading you gave me last night! – I’ve just listened to the audio which is crystal clear! – I’m sure this will be the first of many times I refer back to my reading – your exploration and interpretation of my numbers has already given me a far deeper understanding of my journey so far and inspired me to allow my creative instincts greater reign!!
– Larelle
20th October 2010



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