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On-line consultation information


For the time being I have discontinued on-line consultations. Thank you for your interest.




Numerosymbology is a very deep and insightful technique that will assist everyone who seeks its wisdom to achieve profound realisations.

In every consultation I am determined to share with each client everything that this unique and ground-breaking modality discovers.

You are unique, so your consultation will be specific to you. No computer analysis software is employed in the calculations or interpretations
Each appointment requires me to do at least half an hour of prior preparation; which is followed by not less than 90 minutes of rigorous examination and one-to-one discussion with you.

*Note: In the interests of ensuring privacy as much as is possible, I prefer to conduct as many on-line consultations as possible using the chat facility on (It is a more secure version of Skype) You can sign up with them for a free basic account, or a paid account here: (This link goes to my affiliate page with them and gives a 10% discount for paid accounts)

The two-hour consultation is the minimum that I offer and consists of the preparation mentioned above and the one-to-one 90 minute appointment.

To be honest, as intense and mentally exhausting as this work is, if I didn’t have to pay the bills I’d provide this service for nought; but I do, so sadly I have to charge.

The charge for an on-line consultation is £90.

I also offer consultations for causes or charities. These cost £100 pounds, of which your contribution, to the bona fide recipient of your choice, is £50.
Please contact me if you want to find out more.




UK law obligatory Legal disclaimer
Where relevant, s.1(5) Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 and any other related legal provision for the time being in force (namely, solely for the purpose of entertainment) shall apply to any service I provide you with.



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