About Numerosymbology


Every human being has the right to live their life successfully.
Numerolosymbology can assist us all to do that.

Numerosymbology is the study and interpretation of the sequences and symbols of the letters of alphabets and the numbers of numeric systems. It is, in essence, a combination of numerology and symbology.


What is numerology?
Numerology is a modern term used to describe an esteemed very ancient and accurate science. It is a means by which the nature, motions and motivations of specific frequency patterns may be studied, ascertained, and interpreted by translating numbers into their long-known characteristics.

What is symbology?
Symbology is a science devoted to the use, study and interpretation of symbols.


Why does Numerosymbology work?

Symbols are the language of our unconscious minds; and much more than that, the language of the collective unconscious; the vast storehouse of ever-expanding eternal knowledge, which is integral to human progress, both collectively and individually.

Beyond our conscious mind (intellect), beyond instinct (survival and conditioning), always alert, is our higher subconscious mind, the infinite wellspring of our intuition, inspiration and creativity. It deals in symbols, archetypical images, not words, and communicates messages to and from the five sense experiences of physical life to the collective unconscious. Body-mind-spirit-soul-All that is, and back again incessantly. That is, unless the conscious mind is distracted, deactivated, or asleep.

The unconscious mind sees the shapes of things and relates them to the patterns it recognises. The shapes of our letters and numbers are simple archetypes; primary unconscious language; their constant use and repetition makes these devices unrivalled orchestrators of our thoughts, ideas, and subsequently, our behaviour and experiences.

Through indoctrination (in-doctrine-nation: indoctrination of the people and/or at birth) and constant presence (especially at times of contemplation and/or boredom), their patterns, their energies, for countless generations, have become a part of human DNA also.
They are programmes, upon conception fragmented, but soon, when humans learn the alphabet and the numbers, by rote and recital (re-cite-all) they re-member them. We learn to read (re-add) and to write (rite). It is magic; and the terms we use demonstrate that! Not for nothing do we “spell” words and “cast” numbers.

We also “spell” the names of things and the names of people. I find it amusing that the word ‘name’ is comprised of “na” and “me” – “not me”; because that is exactly right. The name you use is not you, no matter how much societal pressure and menacing legalese tries to tell you it is. You are a spirit temporarily experiencing physicality in this dimension. The vast majority of human beings didn’t choose the names they go through life with but the reality of life here means that one has to bear some form of individual signification. So, we have names.

Numerosymbology works because it uses the language of the unconscious mind (symbols) together with the vibrational rhythms of the Universe (numbers) to interpret a subject’s broadcasting frequencies; and then by employing the Law of Attraction, like is attracted to like, it ascertains what the subject will receive in return.

Every number and every letter has its own characteristics. Those of numbers are decided by their own particular mix of dynamic naturally occurring energy; while the traits of their symbols are products of design, as are those of letters. More than that, and also designed, the placements of the symbols takes them into the realms of numbers and so every letter has its own numeric code, or frequency as well. This is intentional design and most certainly an artifice for individual and societal control, classification, and identification for whatever, or whoever, commissioned these communication and quantitative structures. Our numeric and alphabet systems and designs are entrenched. The English language is now, to all intents and purposes, the world language.
In this life I have studied and practiced numerology, symbolism and the Tarot since 1996, among other esoteric techniques. I qualified as an hypnosis practitioner in 2003. All of my life I have been fascinated by human behaviour and through observation, experience and practice I have steadily integrated what I have learned into what I call Numerosymbology.


What can Numerosymbology do for you?

 Numerosymbology will honestly and unambiguously ascertain your frequency patterns; your character and your achievable potential in this world. It will read your mind and it will explain your behaviour. You will recognise everything that it reveals and you have often fought against, ignored, or taken for granted.

You will be inspired.
Remember, this life is only a brief trip on your soul’s amazing and incredible journey and that during its travels, every time it touches down, it wants to experience what it’s like to be in that environment. This one, regardless of how beautiful it is, is one of definition and limitation. There is a lot to learn from that and you cannot learn much if you spend your life in bemusement and confusion; on the other hand, if you come to understand your realistic ‘this world’ potentials and go for your life to achieve them…well, just imagine!

With love,


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