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  1. heard you on podcast today. Really enjoyed it. Glad to hear your understanding of the number 7. Perfect timing for me! You see I am on a mission. A couple of years ago I had a vision of my ancestors while in the throes of passion (so to speak) with my husband. I went to a priest I have known for a long time and he said he believed me and it didn’t surprise him. When I asked why he said “you are from very powerful clans on all sides.” Interesting. When playing around with gematria I found out that my maiden name number is 633 but when you combine the clan I married into I become 777. Also my husband and I share the english and simple gematria numbers (using my maiden name) and his number is 613 which is pretty close to mine. Anyway I don’t want to say much more publicly at this time. I’m on the next leg of the mission. My father likened me to a prophet and my sisters all lost it laughing.. hmmm. So much to tell… I’ll be in the UK and will be going to a bunch of sacred sites. BTW the ancestors said “We all came before you so you could be right where you are” So simple and so profound. And the best part was my cynical husband with his feet on the ground was there and left the ground for a moment in time. xx

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    • Thank you theladyaurelia, so pleased that you enjoyed the interview, and thank you for adding a comment here. I enjoyed hearing about your journey. What you’ve said about the ancestors reminded me of something a Nyungar lady said to me, “The spirits of our ancestors gather in our dreams.” You think you’ll enjoy the article I mentioned it in, here: http://ellisctaylor.com/2015/07/12/featherfoot/
      Wishing you wonders, and have a marvellous trip to the Isles.

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  2. wow. great! Thats an amazing story. Love it. I too am from WA. I grew up in the hills. It was a beautiful childhood. Lots of bush to run around in, fresh water streams, fresh air. Still love it up there although it is alot more built up these days. I am on the other side of the country now. I was there in the 70’s and 80’s. Yeh some big things happening hey? Awesome stuff. Was driving homw with my teenage son today telling him you can observe the matrix through numbers. So we watched the car licence plates go by. Some good numbers, then he saw his own (I worked it out for him a couple of weeks ago). ok. Then he saw another number. He says if you minus 111 from that number you get my number. If I see 111 I’m done…” 10 seconds later…. 111.. hahah we laughed! Good times.

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  3. The matrix is a construct of numbers so yes, what you said to your son is right; and Numerosymbology interprets it. thanks theladyaurelia.


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