Re-Riting the World. How it’s done. Part 3: Traces of the Darkness Invisible.

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Part 3

Everything is energy. All is number.* In every formulation the components and activators, conscious or unconscious, have to be compatible to manifest, no matter the morality of the intention for whatever it is it will do, or be used for. This holds true for everything, every incident, and everyone. As numerals and letters are really only codes for energetic patterns, and their combinations and are used in formulae with designated functions and behaviour, they too abide by this rule, and therefore influence and assist in manufacturing character, incidents, and situations. This is not ordained information and so it ricochets off orthodox believers and system-dulled comprehension (as it is meant to) and thus its secrets, through the ages, have been, and are, controlled and wielded by a very few individuals and groups; most of whom are resolute in their ambition to dispose of human beings and replace them…

…but through the application of such interpretive sciences as Numerosymbology the traces of their dark orchestrations are revealed.

*    “All is energy” – Albert Einstein.    “All is number” – Pythagoras


Traces of the Darkness Invisible.


Note: There are a lot of ‘allegeds’ inclusions here, and I’ve probably (unintentionally) missed many more. The official reports and accusations are questionable (to put it mildly), and have been intelligently questioned by competent investigators.

The world awaits proper ‘official investigations to establish the facts of these world-changing events that have invoked unimaginable numbers of deaths, suffering, environmental pollution and destruction leading to mass movements of human populations.


London: 7th July 2005

London = 38+15+14+4+15+14 = 100

7/7/2005 = 7+7+7 = 21 = 3

100+3 = 103 = 4

Notice the 1 and 7 in the heading – 1 and 7 combo. London and the date of the atrocity totals 4.

As I wrote in Part 1, combinations of 1 and 7, features strongly in events where a long term secret plan is realised or made public. It turns up again at Tavistock Square.

Yet another powerful duo, that I have highlighted in previous articles, is  4 and 7 (especially 7 when it derives from 16). They too, like 1 and 7, feature heavily at Tavistock Square. When these two get together there is otherworld activity abroad. 4 is ‘earthed’, 7 is a path to the heavens. It’s secret, unseen, you could say, ‘underground and sub’ (bus reversed) – matching the bomb locations. Together they total 11 (two 1s). Energy is multidimensional in nature as are numbers. Numerosymbology, being a multidimensional discipline, reads them like a book.

In this article I am only taking brief looks at the Tavistock Square, London, and the USA’s 911 incidents.

Before we do though we will just notice the presence of 1, 4 and 7 in the publicised facts of 7th July 2005.

London allegedly had 4 bombers.

There were 3 trains and a bus = 3+1 = 4

London: 52 civilians (5+2 = 7) were killed and over 700 more were injured.

It is alleged that the first bomb exploded at 8:49 am and the other two within 50 seconds of that. Was it detonated a little early in error, or only reported to be at this time, or was the clock wrong?  Just a thought because 8:49 give 50 seconds takes us into 8:50 = 13 = 4. Mind you, in minutes 8:49 is 529 minutes – 5+2+9 = 16 The explosive Tarot card, the Tower..and 1+6 = 7.

Added to this, the last explosion, which was on the bus, is reported to have occurred at 9:47 am, which is 9:11, numerologically.



Tavistock Square

Please click on images to enlarge.

77bus_tavistock house south777plaqueonbmarailingspotower777

The bus exploded (taking its roof off) in Woburn Place (11-9), at the junction of Endsleigh Place (which is rather suggestive, name-wise), in direct line of sight from the Post Office Tower, aka BT Tower, aka ”Location 23” (last photo above).

23 is letter w – a bow-wing. It’s a letter that features in this tarot card:


The Tarot Tower again!

The BT Tower is 177 metres (581 ft) high. The numbers match the numbers of the bus: 17758:

outright terror 17758_600x247

The techno beaming arrangement on top of the BT Tower – BT = 28+46 = 74 = 11 – 7 & 4, brings the total height to 191 metres – numbers matching the Numerosymbology of Woburn Place – numbers, of course, we are familiar with too, and will feature shortly.

Have a ganda at the Wikipedia page for the BT Tower. Like the BMA building below, it is certainly no stranger to the occult, its workings and secret agendas. You will also note many of the numbers that this article features.

A commemorative plaque is fixed to the railings of the British Medical Association‘s HQ near the site of the bus explosion (see photo above). The building was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens for the Theosophical Society. Work began on the construction 3 September 1911 – a clearly calculated 33-date.






911 allegedly had 4 planes involved.  4 buildings: WT’s 1, 2, and 7 in Manhattan, the Pentagon in Virginia…and a hole in the ground. Building 7 not only went down in sympathy, it was late… or the BBC was early. No missile or plane, that we could see anyway, hit it. Though David might have slung a shiny stone at the Goliath.


(My remarks in brackets)

Flight AA11 (adds to 9-11 and 11): ‘a crew of 11 and 76 (7+6 = 4) passengers, not including five hijackers.’ Including the 5 hijackers – 11-9.

UA175 (UA = 47+ 27 = 11-9 and 11. 175 adds to 4): ‘a crew of nine and 51 passengers, not including five hijackers.’ (65 total = 11.) Including the 5 hijackers – 9-11.

AA77 (Note the 7s. Adds to 5. Claimed to have hit the pentagon, a 5-structure. Stated crew, passengers and ground victims’ numbers (53 passengers, 5 hijackers, 6 crew, 125 people in the Pentagon, don’t fit the 7, 4, and 11, or 9-11 numbers, but do match the Numerosymbology of the name, ‘Pentagon’.

UA93 (UA = 11-9. The full number is 140 = 5 – a bridge from AA77 – and fits the departure time: 8:42 a.m (8+4+2 = 5). The alleged time of the crash is 10:03 a.m. – 13 = 4). A crew of 7, 33 passengers and 4 hijackers – 44.


(Number 17 features as the total number of days between the alleged crash of Flight 93 in America (at 10.03) and those in London – 1394 days (1+3+9+4) and also in the number of hours (17).

From Time and Date: 1394 days, 17 hours, 46 minutes and 0 seconds

Notice too the 13 and 94 in 1394. Both add to 4.)


From the alleged time of the alleged plane’s take over (15 minutes after take-off from Logan Airport, Boston) to the alleged crash of UA93 is 1395 days, 0 hours, 33 minutes and 0 seconds.

33, the number of the minutes, and the passengers, in UA93, most readers are familiar with.



16th June 2016


To be continued in Part Four

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