Re-Riting the World. How it’s done. Part 2


Part 2


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The frequency patterns that each number represents can be used for negative or positive purposes, though sometimes because our knowledge and perspective is limited what seems negative can, in the long-term, be positive, and vice versa.

Here’s the template again:




Combinations of 1 and 7, I have noticed, feature prominently in events where a long term secret plan is realised, something clandestine is revealed, or some secret is made public.

In the alphabet system that this world is plugged into 17 bears the symbols, q and Q. Capital Q, as with all capital letters, only when interpreting words or names in their capital form.

Small letter q combines the feminine crescent with the masculine straight line. The crescent inhabits the intellectual and emotional realms of the letter and number template, while the straight line dives from the unconscious into the realm of soul (see below).


Letter q is basically an upside-down d, the fourth letter. Unlike letter d, q and Q in English words, are always followed by the letter symbols u or U, which is the 4th letter after q and Q. * This is interesting because in numerology, 13 (the number of letters to q from d – the fourth letter), by addition of the integral numbers: 1 + 3, also becomes 4; and the 17th letter following d (and D) is u (and U).

*  The only exceptions are borrowed words and names from other languages and a few weird new words like ‘qwerty’.  wikipedia


Counting a further four letters from u/U another letter informs us that the reason for this is to be revealed. This fourth letter is y (and Y). Phonetically ‘Why’.


Praising, beseeching, choice and decision, are some interpretations of the capital Y design. This letter also shows that it has strong input from spirit, is psychic, and ‘sees’ into the past and the future, with both ‘channels’. Information attained from these sources come together in the emotional realm to be assimilated before being delivered into the the instinct and made available to the conscious mind.

Lower case y is also a letter of choices and decisions. It begins in the borderlands between the unconscious and emotional realms focuses on the physical plane and fishes around in the realm of soul. It’s a figure that is steered by ‘spirit’ or the unseen.


After letter z, we enter the capital letter system, or we can remain in the lower case alphabet. As I said previously the alphabet is a multidimensional scheme. This is indicated to us by the 13th letter symbols after u/U, which are h and H. Symbol h depicts taking a step; sigil H portrays a ladder.


The 17th letter after u is lower case, l (the rule) and after capital U, letter L (the square); both of them tools for activities such as measuring, geometry, and surveying. Lower case ‘l’ looks a lot like number 1 but if you look closely it is a little taller than number 1, a bit slimmer (refined), and it does not have the same nose.

2newnumber_ 1

Figure for No. 1

small and capital L


The 4th letter after l and L is p (and P), another version of d. It is the 16th letter of both alphabets. 16 in numerology and Numerosymbology is shown to be aligned to 7 (1 + 6); it is



Capital P is generally the 42nd letter in Numerosymbology, unless it occurs in a word or name written in capitals.



Notice how 7 is different to all the other number designs excepting a similarity to 1. Numeral 7’s ‾ is in ‘the heavens’ of the unconscious and moves into the soul plane(see template). Because we write from left to right, left represents the past and right the future. The direction of the number’s / shows that it delivers ‘its message’ from the realm of the soul and from the future to the present. It is nostalgic too and naturally considers consequences; but its role is as a messenger and an instrument of the unseen, so it has little say in what it is directed to do or communicate. Like all the numbers, the others that make it (e.g. 1+6, 2+5, 3+4), and accompany it will influence it.

7 is just 2 lines. Unlike 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 it has nowhere to store anything, no curve, no circle. It is purely a delivery mechanism, from ‘the heavens’ depicting the frequency that is (so-called) psychic and able to communicate between worlds in the form of inspiration, ideas, foreknowledge, and other elusive to material science activity, and like lightning, which the figure represents, it leaves nothing physical behind but photographs, memories, and its impact.

7 is to do with surprising ‘divine’ interjection intended to enlighten confused or hidden situations – and often to set up or preclude a future activity or incident.  As energy can be harnessed for benign and malign purposes this insubstantial (hidden), yet powerful, explosive and mysterious frequency has been called up on many, many occasions for dark purposes like the London bombings, where the bombs exploded on the underground and on a bus (at an aptly named location), and the 11th September 2001 attacks.

To activate 7 substantially the most potent frequencies to include with it are four, making 11, and for it to be allied with other Intensified Numbers (more on these later). Both of the above examples of dark purposes made use of such potent combinations. For me this was evidence that these two attacks involved heavy sorcery not just in the facts but also in how the incidents are reported by the mouthpiece media (which of course doesn’t have to be the truth).


Bear in mind that we are dealing with a consciousness (The Darkness Invisible) that’s powers and abilities are inconceivably beyond the scope of human beings, and their understanding of what is possible. All that we are left with to reveal the true perpetrator are Its shadowy traces. It directs every detail and that even includes the number of victims.


12th June 2016



Next, in Part 3: Traces of the Darkness Invisible


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