spelling286x280Characters: cast by numbers and spellbound by letters.

Part 1

It is when we first learn to count numbers for ourselves that we fall for the cast of numbers. A recent study summates that this begins for tots at around 18-months-old.

Before 15 months, their research findings state that the minds of human infants are dealing with abstracts and ‘with brains capable of daydreaming and introspection’. What they don’t say, but is clear, is that babies inhabit more ethereal, less ordered, undivided and uncertain, in-between worlds. From around 15 to 18 months the worlds are colliding; glimpses of the set up materialise and dematerialise, persistently surface and slip away. The baby struggles to make sense of it all but gradually, through repetitive behaviour and pressure by and from those around it, the free-roaming mind of the child locks on to the decreed tenets. It is add-here-in…adhering, from now on.

I’m not entirely convinced by the study because it, like all condoned science, in many subjects and fields of what is fraudulently or, to be kind, ‘mistakenly’ called ‘full investigation’, presumes that this material world is all there is. The baby learns lots of other things too; amongst them ‘place’ and position’, so it is learning order, and sequence, and time. It demonstrates that it knows about these things almost from the get go and all of them require an ability to count in some fashion, surely?

It is clear to me that new-borns have a different way of counting, they move to a different rhythm; one that is inexorably suppressed and taken over by the regimented system that profits and facilitates, well… business, law and the state. The same goes for the pictures that flash through our subconscious minds with every sight and every sound.



The child knows who its parents and siblings are and can distinguish between them; it knows what it wants. How does a baby register differences without some kind of differential designation and how does it communicate them to another child without a common understanding? What do infants’ minds conjure up to enable them to do these things? It is some kind of language just not the ordained programme we have succumbed to. In the case of Earth humans, the ones communicated by numbers’ and alphabets’ symbols, which were designed by priests from the religious chapter of the eternal, relentlessly predatory ‘mire co’ (military-religious-corporate) plutocracy – the disciples of the Darkness Invisible. (1)

It is evident that even a developing foetus is already beginning its life sentence, its indoctrination into mental confinement.
Communication Before Language

It is my considered view that it is through these compulsory symbols (letters and numbers) that humankind has been intentionally isolated from the true nature and promise of its brain power and DNA; severely restricting its ability to flourish and resulting in the obnoxious and inhospitable world we all struggle in.
As a child careers into modern education almost invariably learning numbers and letters mechanically (rote, rhyme, repetition) the well-practiced spell comprehensively takes hold in the lobby, just inside its subconscious, hindering and smothering the child’s avenues to intuition and imagination throughout its life. The shapes, the sounds and the sequence, recalled effortlessly and without noticing with every thought.

The foul education scheme exists to separate the innocent original and integrated mind that all humans are born with from the conscious mind of this dimension that we are intended to join with. It only succeeds in suppressing it, and then only to varying degrees – but it’s been enough, so far anyway.

The system rewards the system servers, those who fall into the enticement traps that it has beguiled generations into sucking at and slaving for. Its burgeoning and hitherto clueless legions of recruits all come courtesy of the subconscious programmes instilled in our (its) quantifying and communication devices. The letters of the alphabet and the numbers in the numeric system are integral to every facet of the human experience.

Letter A. Thanks to Liam at Old BooksEvery number and letter in a person’s birthdate, names, and address, their symbolic construction, their style and their placements shapes that person’s daily life. There are no exceptions. Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind.

  • The vertical line in a letter or number is designed to imitate the line of communication from heaven to earth. The line which we write along represents the physical world.
  • We write from left to right so the left represents the past and the right, the future. Each symbol is similarly constructed, so letter ‘b’, for instance indicates future activity, letter ‘d’ the past. Left, in their doctrine, is prime.
  • There are two alphabets symbolically – the lower and the upper case. Both begin with a symbol that appertains to male energy. Small ‘a’ is a representation of the latent male genitalia and capital ‘A’ is formed by the upwards pointing triangle, which is the active male symbol – notice though that it is blocked by a cross-bar, which makes it stifled and impotent, blocked or closed up emotionally, and spiritually hampered. Already we can see that the potential of the alphabets to empower humanity through the exchange of information is compromised from the very beginning! Rather than being the initiator of creation (the alphabet recreates the Genesis creation story – see my book, In These Signs Conquer), ‘a’ and ‘A’ can beget nothing. (Notice too that the letter ‘A’ is castrated.) Both letters instil a lack of confidence in the unaware, which ‘a’ and ‘A’ also stand for…or don’t stand for, in the biblical sense of ‘knowing’.) The other advantages of ‘a’ and ‘A’ are many fold to the disciples and agents of Darkness; for instance the suggestion/order for silence and secrecy is subliminally demonstrated by using the letter ‘A’ in such agencies as CIA, ASIO, NSA, America, NASA, SAS. Small ‘a’ performs the same function. Letters ‘a’ and ‘A’ pretend to be articles of potential and initiation but in reality are either stoppers or distractions. Both discourage confidence, being attentive, and questioning.

Talking of distractions, here’s another example of their cunning, mirror symbols, like ‘i’, ‘l’, ‘m’, o, ‘u’, ‘v’, w, x, ‘A’, ‘H’, ‘I’, ‘M’, ‘O’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘V’, ‘W’, ‘X’. and ‘Y’, which they use in their agencies to indicate subliminally many messages, including, again, secrecy, and also duplicity and the ability to see everywhere . (The last is why the owl is employed as a symbol of watching – or the watchers. Owls can turn their heads to see through surpassing 360 degrees sideways and up and down, without moving their body, and at all times, day or night. Additionally, ‘owl’ is composed of three mirror letters.)

And all this without even starting on the numeric values and placements of the letters.  Vibrations and frequencies.


  1. The Darkness Invisible: The unmanifest force that challenges and tests the mettle and worth of humanity by threats and inducements. It is both the destroyer and the creator. It is well-known to every culture and goes by many names – e.g. Satan, Loki, Set. The Darkness works on and through the minds of incarnate beings and other entities that traverse worlds. It is incapable of physically interfering itself.


End of Part 1



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