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A repost from an article on my former website. First published 16th January 2010 then expanded and republished 2nd June 2015.


Numerosymbology is the science, art, and practice, of interpreting the nature and motivations of frequency patterns (energy and consciousness) secretly encoded in conventional number and alphabet systems.

Besides their familiar utilities these ordained structures incorporate subliminal identities that were designed for a very different purpose: the harnessing and categorizing of thought.


The impetus for every action, everything every human being does, and becomes, arises first in their unconscious/subconscious mind; the same location as their personal libraries of all that they experience and everything they learn…the whole shebang, without exception, locked to number and letter references and associations.

As young children with keen and little-sullied minds (at least till parents gave them technology), in the classroom, the fascination begins in earnest. Here we first learn how to (w)rite the symbols for letters and numbers and through the hypnotic trance inducing method of rote and repetition to recite (chant) the orders of numbers and letters; then how to reckon (think) the numbers, and spell names and words. The die is cast. (Think about that.) The mind is mined and the programme is installed. It’s all magic.

The numbers in our birth dates designate our characters, and what skills we are suited to…and what we won’t be, no matter how much effort we put in. We will use these frequencies to deal with what the energetic patterns of our names bring to us to deal with (learn from). Each frequential (date) pattern has its own best methods and desired outcome.

Harnessing the Law of Attraction, the letters and their combinations, in our names (our calling), form frequencies that attract ‘like energy’ for us to communicate with. This energy can arrive in myriad ways including people, other life-forms, incidents and all manner of experiences – but only in accordance and intent with the particular frequencies we are unwittingly broadcasting.

We are examined, at points throughout our lives on our comprehension of how much we understand (live by) the integrated nature of our own individual patterns of consciousness and their relationships, strengths, and weaknesses in a world populated by countless others doing the same, according to their own vibes. These are the true and only worthwhile tests of who and what we are as a spirit incarnate.

According to their numbers some are here to fully integrate with this world, some to run it; others to just dip in and out; have very little to do with it personally. Their role is more the messenger, or the catalyst of change, even though they will have to cope with (even mess with) a world so alien and gross to their nature.

The upshot is that the number and letter figures are intentionally devised to cast and categorize incarnate consciousness for purposes that countermand free will; but the characters of the energy patterns they are representing cannot be changed…except by ‘the Ineffable’. They are what they are and always will be until then….However the cast of actors, the symbols for both, can and have changed in the past, and could do again. (As they are right now for cultures whose own alphabets and their orders are falling to ‘English’.)

This programme of mind control, initiated 1000s of years ago has been refined continuously down through the ages to where we are now. – almost everyone is taught the Latin/English alphabet and the numeric system that is professed to have developed from Hindu-Arabic designs.

It is my contention, through my long experience interpreting the secrets of numbers and symbols, that a knowledge of, or by way of, Numerosymbology, is vital for everyone who seeks to understand themselves and what is going on in this world, and their own.

Numbers are essential in all secret codes, which mean that they are indispensable when deciphering them too. They (not the glyphs themselves) are the language of the Universe constructing and motivating every action and all things; while symbols and archetypes are the language of the unconscious and the subconscious. Letter and numeric symbols are archetypal as well.

Over the 20 or so years that I have consulted with several hundreds of people I’ve learnt through observation and experience a great deal. I’ve realised and been shown profound truths. One of these is that by our names and our birth dates our reality (our experiential environment), in this world, is conjured and created.

Alphabets and numeric systems are programmes. That is the reality. Your capabilities and ways are confined to attracting experiences and opportunities that are in accordance with the energy that your allocated personal frequencies (your programmes: names and date of birth) transmit and allow. If you are an 8 you’ll have weight and control issues; if you’re a 7 you’ll need solitude and have sharp unexpected outbursts. 6s are big on circles and are Olympic Gold standard worry-guts.

It is obstructive to the very nature of consciousness to deny or ignore its constructs of presence (as defined by the letters and numbers) and refuse to discern its intent; why it has come to you, in this way. For the same reason those who feel the need to badger someone to be what they are not is, to say the least, detrimental to Creation. These shadows and reflections are there for a reason and they all have a vital role in the rainbow…and anyway, we all swing between the concentrated and compelling number-patterns of our personal fields depending upon the stage and the circumstances as consciousness encourages us to make sense of them.

I realise that some of this isn’t what anyone wants to hear, but that doesn’t change a thing. It remains true that from go to whoa we continually act out our allotted roles ad-lib-ing within the particular scenarios of the programmes that we have been literally delivered into. Within these boundaries we do get to make choices and this is the closest we get to being in charge of who we are, creating our own reality in this world, that we can get. This is the extent of our so-called free will…and we alone are responsible for making something of it all.

We need to grow up and stop believing nonsense and wasting our, and others’, time and energy feeling obliged, and obliging them to pursue what is of no use to our and their purpose and reason whatsoever. Education systems are prime examples, as are a great many of the New Age dogmas, both smugly causing people to feel bad about themselves, because despite all their efforts, they never seem to be able to achieve as much as they are told they should be able to.


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fix for every individual in this world, let alone the uplifting of humanity. The New Age and conventional psychological gurus are wrong, and the education systems are inhibiting talent-blighters and wasters. All these, with their meaningless credentials and the binding glamour and inducements of their words and promises are agents of confusion, distraction, and enervation. That’s what they were and are invoked to be, and to do; to keep human beings from where “nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do“.(Genesis 11. ‘History’ is written by the winner, remember).

A rabble no more

Such lengths are gone to. Why? Because every conscious being is a complex and unique pattern of vibrant energy with unrealised gifts, dazzling talents and specialities.

I can honestly say that there is no discipline that I have ever come across that is more capable of providing insights into the characteristics of individual conscious beings, in this world, than this brilliant and ground-breaking facility, Numerosymbology.
© Ellis Taylor


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